Press Release

Starbucks Coffee Company

83 S King St #710, Seattle, WA 98104





Audrey Gosnell, Director of Public Relations




            INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., October 22, 2014- Today Starbucks releases new Indian coffee to celebrate the one-year marker of their establishment there. It is a tasty India Estates Blend that pays homage to the historical country while of course using only the highest quality beans.

As Starbucks expands around the world, each country has an impact on the company. This is a way to represents the respect Starbucks feels towards each location and long history of coffee. Powerful companies who expand globally can either overrun native traditions or embrace other cultures. Here, Starbucks not only stands up for what they believe but they also set an example for other companies to follow. For loyal customers, the guarantee of quality coffee is always there. The announcement was made today in Seattle and will be in select areas.

The new India Estates Blend was announced today. It not only celebrates India but also the worldwide enjoyment of the rich taste of coffee.

Established in 1971, Starbucks has been providing costumers with high quality coffee. All over the world today, it continues its strive for excellence.



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