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Have pride in your University? It is time to have pride in your environment too. Cheer it on, support it, and stay loyal to it. One opportunity we offer on campus is a Campus Ecology program run by the National Wildlife Federation. Their main goal is to further educate students and staff on sustainability. Part of that task includes suggestions for the on-campus Ecology program.

The Campus Ecology program has been a successful program throughout many universities in the Untied States. It has been around for decades and instills important values. These include strategies to protect wildlife, conserve valuable resources, and use clean energy. It encourages students to follow a career in conservation by investing in leadership opportunities. It simultaneously creates life-long defenders of the environment. It is one if the leading programs in the nation for ecological conservation. Here, you can see the efforts of college students working through the National Wildlife Federation to fight for their environment.

The program has five main goals once they get on campus. These include replacing greenhouse gas emissions with a more sustainable process and helping universities adapt to the best programs possible based on their location, economics, and politics. They want to ensure a positive connection between the National Wildlife Federation, universities, and local communities while advising in investments that will help the university and the environment. Overall, the goal is to create a university that is no longer dependent on harmful procedures to our environment and that promotes environment-friendly actions. Michigan State University is an example of a university that has embraced the Campus Ecology program and found great success including having received a silver rating. This can be your university. Visit the website MSU has created to hear more about their success at

The Spartans embrace their pride in their university and their environment.


You can join by filling out questions on The National Wildlife Federations website. It is free to become a member and is open to students, staff, and faculty. You will get emails with announcements to keep you updated and have opportunities to get involved in other environmental programs with professionals in their fields. Access the sign up page here and start supporting your environment.

Here we see more than just universities supporting the National Wildlife Federation. In this video, Congressman Frank LoBiondo is supporting environmental efforts. The efforts your university puts forward could persuade your local government to take a serious look at the ecological issues we face today.


For more information contact Audrey Gosnell, Assistant Director of Public Relations for the National Wildlife Federation.




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